Why private label water?

MSP H2O provides you with a unique opportunity to promote your business or event. You can create a positive impression for your company or event by distributing a healthy product with your name on the label. Promote or introduce your company to your clients and potential clients by offering them a bottle of your custom labeled bottled water during meetings, conferences, seminars and company events and gatherings. Use bottled water to promote a special event or to give away at the event to all those who volunteered or participated. Give them your message on a bottle of water. Reinforce your brand identity by using your logo and tag line on custom labeled bottles of water. Direct market by giving your select audience a bottle of water with a message and logo on it promoting your products and services. Give reunion or sporting event participants something to keep in their trunk of memories by promoting your gathering on a custom labeled bottle of water. The possibilities for custom labeled bottled water are truly endless and the impact is powerful. You can leave a lasting impression on everyone by having your own bottled water.

  • Unique form of advertising.
  • Promote your own brand
  • Word-of-mouth advertising
  • It’s not just advertising it's marketing
  • It is a tax write off